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Anne with an E,” the Netflix adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved novel “Anne of Green Gables,” has captivated audiences worldwide with its heartfelt storytelling, stunning cinematography, and, most notably, its exceptional cast. The series, which first premiered in 2017, introduces a fresh perspective to the timeless tale of an imaginative and spirited orphan named Anne Shirley. In this article, we will delve into the talented ensemble that breathed life into the characters of Avonlea and made “Anne with an E” a cherished gem among television dramas.

Anne Shirley – Amybeth McNulty:

At the heart of the series is the indomitable Anne Shirley, portrayed with unparalleled grace and charisma by Irish-Canadian actress Amybeth McNulty. McNulty’s portrayal of Anne is nothing short of mesmerizing, as she effortlessly embodies the character’s vivacity, resilience, and imaginative spirit. From Anne’s exuberant monologues to her poignant moments of vulnerability, McNulty delivers a performance that transcends the screen, earning her acclaim from both critics and fans alike.

Matthew Cuthbert – R.H. Thomson:

Playing the role of Matthew Cuthbert, the kind-hearted and reserved brother of Marilla, R.H. Thomson brings a warmth and authenticity to the character. Thomson’s portrayal captures the essence of Matthew’s quiet strength and unwavering support for Anne, creating a touching dynamic between the two characters that resonates throughout the series.

Marilla Cuthbert – Geraldine James:

Geraldine James steps into the shoes of Marilla Cuthbert, the stern but compassionate matriarch of Green Gables. James masterfully balances Marilla’s strict exterior with moments of tenderness, revealing the character’s hidden depths and maternal instincts. Her chemistry with Amybeth McNulty contributes significantly to the emotional resonance of the series.

Diana Barry – Dalila Bela:

Dalila Bela takes on the role of Diana Barry, Anne’s bosom friend and kindred spirit. Bela’s portrayal of Diana captures the essence of unwavering friendship and the joys and challenges that come with it. The chemistry between Bela and McNulty is palpable, showcasing the genuine connection between Anne and Diana that has endeared them to fans.

Gilbert Blythe – Lucas Jade Zumann:

Lucas Jade Zumann steps into the shoes of Gilbert Blythe, the charming and ambitious boy who captures Anne’s heart. Zumann’s portrayal of Gilbert is layered with nuance, portraying the character’s growth from a schoolboy with a teasing demeanor to a young man with a deep understanding of Anne’s complexities. The on-screen chemistry between McNulty and Zumann adds a layer of authenticity to the evolving relationship between Anne and Gilbert.

Jerry Baynard – Aymeric Jett Montaz:

Aymeric Jett Montaz brings energy and charisma to the character of Jerry Baynard, Anne’s fellow student at Avonlea School. Jerry’s friendship with Anne provides moments of lightheartedness and camaraderie, and Montaz’s performance adds a delightful touch to the series.

Ruby Gillis – Kyla Matthews:

Kyla Matthews takes on the role of Ruby Gillis, Anne’s classmate and friend. Matthews infuses Ruby with a sweet and gentle demeanor, creating a character that complements Anne’s vibrant personality. The friendships and dynamics among the young characters in the series contribute to its charm and appeal.

Josie Pye – Miranda McKeon:

Miranda McKeon portrays Josie Pye, Anne’s classmate with a more complex relationship. McKeon captures Josie’s mix of envy and competitiveness, adding depth to the interactions within the student community of Avonlea.

Miss Muriel Stacy – Joana Douglas:

Joana Douglas steps into the role of Miss Muriel Stacy, the progressive and inspiring teacher who brings a fresh perspective to Avonlea. Douglas infuses the character with a sense of empowerment and resilience, providing a positive influence on Anne and the other students.

Rachel Lynde – Corrine Koslo:

Corrine Koslo embodies the character of Rachel Lynde, the outspoken and opinionated neighbor of Green Gables. Koslo’s portrayal adds comedic flair to the series, and her interactions with Anne and Marilla contribute to the rich tapestry of the Avonlea community.


Anne with an E” is more than just a faithful adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s classic novel; it is a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact of a talented ensemble cast. Amybeth McNulty’s portrayal of Anne Shirley, alongside the exceptional performances of the entire cast, brings the characters of Avonlea to life in a way that resonates with viewers of all ages. The chemistry, authenticity, and depth each actor brings to their respective roles elevate the series to a level of excellence that has left an enduring mark on the hearts of fans worldwide. “Anne with an E” stands as a shining example of how a dedicated and talented cast can transform a beloved literary work into a captivating and memorable television experience.

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